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Cake & Flowers: the Dorchester’s New Gift to London

Summary. The Dorchester's Luxury Hotel in Central London opens a new Patisserie and Flowers take away and delivery cafe, that is a must see for every luxury lover

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One of the best new additions to the London luxury lifestyle, and an Instagrammer’s dream is the new Cake & Flowers patisserie and flower boutique shop by the Dorchester. The shop opened in April on the side of the prestigious Dorchester Hotel building in central London’s Park Lane. The iconic hotel just had a makeover, and the reveal of the beautiful Cake & Flowers boutique was announced with the new refurbishment of the hotel.

“Combining two of life’s most splendid delights, spectacular pastries and breath-taking bouquets”

The Dorchester


The Cake & Flowers boutique entrance

London has many beautiful places that are worth a visit by local and tourists, however, what is most impressive and unique about this boutique is that it combines the shopping experience of both scrumptious pastries and gorgeous bouquets. Both delicately designed to be a feast for the senses.

The shop’s décor itself is just beautiful! Walking into it, I felt that I was immersed into a fairy tale. From floor to ceiling, mirrors, mosaic, and marbles, to the colour pallets of both the décor and good, it just sparkled. I was surrounded by beauty. A real joy to be in!

The Paris-based designer Pierre-Yves Rochon who has overseen the boutique’s look has certainly delivered a new beauty to London. The flowers and cakes complement the design of the boutique and each other beautifully. The flowers and the cakes are overlooked by the hotel’s in-house designer florist Philip Hammond and executive award-winning pastry chef Michael Kwan respectively. Both artists complemented each other’s masterpieces beautifully.


The flowers display in the boutique

“Leave reality behind and step into a world of wonder; of sweetness, colour, fragrance and delicate beauty at our Cake & Flowers boutique. Whether choosing a gift, treating yourself or simply entranced by the scene, revel in this extraordinary realm where cake, flowers, chocolate and champagne are the order of the day.”

The Dorchester

Though there are no tables to sit for customers, making it a boutique and not a café, the space has been unused cleverly to display the flowers at the entrance and the pastries on the back, with beautiful display windows featuring the works of art sold in the boutique. 

The hand-crafted flower bouquets feature the infamous Dorchester rose, and the pastries menu feature artisan chocolate and bon bons, and a selection of delicate delicious patisserie with trendy flavours and beautiful designs. One of the most eye catching was the rose pastry, decorated and coloured as a Dorchester rose.  With rose and jasmine cream andcompressed pear and coconut crunch, it just melts in the mouth. It even smells like a rose! The service is as good as you would anticipate a luxury hotel to offer, and the products are delivered in beautiful chic packaging boxes.

Of course, luxury comes with a price, the average pastry is at £20, which was worth the experience. Of course, you can also order these treats, both cakes and flowers, online for delivery. 



Coronation cake displayed in the Cake & Flowers boutique window

At the time of writing this article, the Dorchester is celebrating, as the rest of London, the coronation of King Charles III. The Cake & Flowers boutique displayed this regal 5 tiers cake topped with golden crown to celebrate this iconic royal event.

The Dorchester hotel itself has been beautifully covered in velvet draping with the coronation colours, and gold decorations on the top, with the crown being featured at the very top of the hotel.


The Dorchester Hotel during the coronation festivities

Disclaimer: The content of all our articles is protected by the Terms & Conditions policy. For license of content, please reach out to us directly, our information are on the contact us page.

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