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Welcome to the Young Writers' Program

Unleash Your Creativity

Are you a young writer waiting to be published? Well then we are here for you!

Welcome to the our new addition, a program dedicated to award those who are most passionate about writing


We Would Love to Read What You Write

Our objective is to create a stage to shine the light on young writers. the concept is easy: you write, we publish. 

We accept articles, short stories or serials, and even poems. Topics can be anything as long as they adhere to our Terms & Conditions. You can send us your written piece on an experience you had, a London landmark, an insight into London life, or any philosophical topic you see fits with our articles.


Not All About London

Your piece is not about London, that’s ok. We go beyond the London scope. If you have something good to read and worthy to publish, we will take it in.

We are not doing this to promote London, we are doing this to promote you. We are passionate about writing, and we believe   young writers are the future of writing and will keep the legacy of the written word’s contribution to humanity

Reasons to Publish in Life.London

No Pre-requisites

We have no pre-requisites for submissions except originality. You can be of any age, submit a written piece of any length, about any topic. If you already published your piece on another platform, you can still publish in with a note to reference your original publication for full disclosure.

All For Free

This is a free service. We do it because we want to encourage young writers to showcase their writing skills and thrive as they take their first steps into publishing no matter where you are in the world.

Easy Process

Our process is easy: you submit your written piece together with your name and consent to publish. We will review, and edit it if required, then we publish it under your name in our website.


We will publish your piece once accepted in, as well as share the news in our social media platforms. If requested, we issue a certification that you published with us.


We will accredit you as the author of your piece under a name of your choosing, which can be your full name or a masked name. If you are under 18 years old, we will need the name, email, and phone number of a parent to consent to your submissions.

Curious About other Services

To Learn more about the range of services we offer our clients, please check our services pages. This will give you an idea on what we expect from our ourselves and from you

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Apply now and be part of something special

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