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The Life.London Awards & Accolades

If you are interested to get a business award, then you have come to the right place:


Because over 100,000 people visit Life.London every month looking for the best in all things London: lifestyle, business tips, education, and parenting advice,  we have launched The Life.London Awards to celebrate the best of the best in products, brands and innovative ideas.


The awards are a fantastic opportunity to get your product into the hands and consciousness of Londoners and beyond. 

The Life.London award is a stamp of quality, credibility, and proficiency, and it lasts for life.

Interested in investing in your brand? Well then, get a business award and stand out from the crowd!

Why Nominate for an Award 


Taking part in the yearly London Awards helps raise your brand image and lets our readers know that your product is trustworthy, reliable and reputable:

Did you know that award-winning small businesses can see a

63% increase in income and a 39% growth in sales*

What Do You Get as a Winner of the Life.London Awards

Accolades Display

We will send you an accolade similar to the below to display on your website and your social media. You will get an accolade regardless what the results were, showing that you were nominated, finalist or a winner.

Free Logo License

License of The Life.London Awards logo to display free of charge in your website, social media, or any publication of your choosing. You can request our original logo, the white on black, black on white, or red on white logo.

Editorial Coverage

Editorial coverage on our website, which receives over million page views every year. The article will appear in our Featured section with up to 5 photos of your products, and links to your website or social media.

Click to Buy Options

Each product that wins an award will have a trackable ‘click to buy’ link on our website. If you send us a sample of the product, we can also feature this in our Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok with your consent.

Social Media Feature

Feature in our social media platforms for our ever growing followers to enjoy in Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. We will also feature it in LinkedIn page if it is in the Business or Publications category

Did you know that award-winning large businesses can see a

48% increase in income and a 37% growth in sales*

An Accolade As Special As You Are

You will get an accolade from us to post to your website or social media:

  1. Once you submit a nomination, you will get a NOMINATED accolade
  2. If you make it to the Final stage, you will also get a FINALIST  accolade
  3. If you win, you will also get a WINNER accolade

Award Categories

Business Awards
  • Best Workplace
  • Best Offices
  • Best Enterprise Culture
  • Best Employer for Women
  • London Start-up of the Year


These best in business awards are not industry specific, and nominations are accepted for all ethical industries.

Design Awards
  • Best Website
  • Best News Website
  • Best Design

These  awards are not industry specific, and nominations are accepted for all ethical industries.

Family Products Awards
  • Best Children Product
  • Best Baby Product
  • Best Product for Children with Special Needs 
  • Baby Book of the Year
  • Toy of the Year
  • Educational App of the Year
  • Family Venue of the Year
  • Day Out Activity the Year
  • Birthday Venue of the Year
  • Family Blog of the Year


Please Note: Baby and child products include buggies, prams, pushchair, car seats, baby slings breast-feeding products, formula, diapers, teething products, baby walkers, highchairs, changing equipment, any special needs products, twins and multiples products, clothing, toys, bathing products, sleeping products, weaning products, feeding products, parenting apps, and giftsets. 

Beauty & Fitness Awards
  • Hair Salon of the Year
  • Beauty Salon of the Year
  • Spa of the Year
  • Fitness Facility of the Year
Tourism Awards
  • Tourism Agency of the Year: This award is only for agencies that promote London
Publications & Book Awards
  • Book of the Year
  • Children Book of the Year
  • Magazine of the Year
  • Blog of the Year
Culinary, Restaurants & Cafes Awards
  • Coffee Shop of the Year
  • Restaurant of the Year
  • Luxury Dining of the Year
  • Most Creative Menu
  • Children Restaurant of the Year
  • Catering Company of the Year
  • London Chef of the Year
Shops & Boutiques & Commercials Awards
  • Best Boutique
  • Best New Boutique
  • Bookshop of the Year
  • Retailer of the Year
  • Real Estate Agency of the Year
Hospitality Awards
  • Luxury Hotel of the Year
  • Boutique Hotel of the Year
  • Activity Venue of the Year
Entertainment Awards
  • Musical of the Year
  • Play of the Year
  • Children Play of the Year


Culture & Creativity Awards
  • Museum of the year
  • Photographer of the Year

Interested? Read How to get a Business Award

How do I enter The Life.London Awards?

All entries must be completed online, so please complete your entry form here


How are the decisions made?

Your product(s) will be judged against its competitors and we are looking for ‘best in class’ in each category. 


How much does the entry cost?

Each entry fee is £100 + VAT.  There are no other costs after you nominate.


How will the awards be judged?

All awards will be judged by The Life.London Editors and a team of testers all of whom reside in London. The testers will be selected based on your product.


Can I enter more than one category?

Yes, you can. However, please note that each entry requires its own entry form and entry fee.


What are my odds to win the business award?

We can not know how many individuals or companies are entering the competition until the deadlines. Your odds of winning depend on the quality of your product and the competitive entries, and we will decide the winners accordingly.

Do you want to Sponsor an award

& get recognition for supporting Excellence?

When Can I Apply

When is the opening date for entries?

The opening date for The Life.London Awards is 15 April 2024.

15 April 2024

When is the closing date for entries

The closing date for The Life.London 2024 Awards is midnight on 31 June 2024.

31 June 2024

Will I be told if I’ve been shortlisted?

Yes. We will announce the shortlist in July 2024 and provide you with a shortlisted logo which you are free to use until the awards are announced in September 2024.

31 July 2024

My product is not on sale – can I still enter?

Yes. All products submitted for an award must be available to purchase and deliverable to a UK address by 15 th August 2024. We appreciate innovation, so check our Innovation Awards category for any services or products that might still be a prototype. 

15 August 2024

How and when will I find out if I have won?

We will contact the winners in September 2024, and we will finally share the official announcement date closer to this time.

15 September 2024

To enter The Life.London Awards

*Please note that the statistics showed in this page are taken from