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Life.London is a digital publication that hosts articles on different aspects of life in London including business, education, trends, and lifestyle.

We provide thoughts and insights on trending topics, provocative ideas, practical tips and useful tools to boost your life with new perspective on society, culture, creativity, and innovation.

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Business Career

In the modern workplace, traditional time management techniques fall short in maintaining productivity and well-being. Energy management, which includes physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects, offers a more holistic approach. Unlike time, energy levels fluctuate throughout the day, impacting performance. By managing energy effectively, employees...

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Continuous Learning Education

London's love for knowledge encompasses both the world around us and our own potential for growth. Here is a look at the top 10 non-fiction books captivating Londoners in 2024, with a mix of insightful looks at the world and inspiring resources for career and...

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Meet the renowned Zainab Al Farhan, queen of Arab fine art auctions. From art to fashion to special needs products, Zainab has pioneered her way through business in an unprecedented manner. Raised in an intellectually stimulating family, Zainab has leveraged her cultural heritage and innovative...

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Society & Culture

It has been 25 years since His Majesty King Charles III, back then Prince of Wales visited Saudi Arabia and painted its most beautiful mountain top in the Asir region. Today, the painting is still a significant symbol and a reminder of the profound connection...

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