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Public Speaking

“Speech is power: speech is to persuade, to convert, to compel”,  Ralph Waldo Emerson

Interested in sharing our extensive experience and insights with your audience? Our speakers as well as our editor are available for speaking in panels and conference, as well as schools and universities. We are here to inspire, influence, motivate and share wisdom in the most positive way that will empower your audience.


Elevate your conference with expert speakers! Whether you need a captivating keynote, engaging panelist, or insightful workshop leader, our curated speaker roster has you covered. We connect you with seasoned professionals across diverse fields, ensuring your conference is a resounding success.

Please see the full list of topics we can cover.


Whether looking for an inspirational and charismatic speaker, a subject matter expect, or just a practical adviser in your panel, our editor is here to help. They can attend in person panels in the UK, the Middle East, or digital panel discussions through Zoom, Teams, or any other digital platform.

Please see the full list of topics we can cover.

Public Speaking


Interested in enriching your podcast with a subject matter expert? Our Editor can cover a range of topics as a guest on your podcast. We aim to deliver messages that will resonate with your audience.

Check out one of our podcast guest appearance with Kings College London

Please see the full list of topics we can cover.


Need a dynamic workshop leader to ignite your event? Look no further! We connect you with engaging facilitators who can lead hands-on sessions, encourage participation, and equip attendees with practical skills. They excel in both virtual and in-person settings, ensuring a valuable and enriching learning experience.

Please see the full list of topics we can cover.

Topics we Cover

Artificial Intelligence and technology trends in business
Financial Technology (Fintech)
Branding and marketing
Business trends, strategy, and sustainability 
Education and the economy of knowledge
Empowering women
Entrepreneurship and the startups economy
Positive lifestyle
Life in London
New product launch
Parenting, including parenting multiples, and neurodiverse children
The financial industry
Work and employment in London
In addition to any topic we write about in our articles

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