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Life.London is a digital publication that hosts articles on different aspects of life in London including business, education, trends, and lifestyle.


We provide thoughts and insights on trending topics, provocative ideas, practical tips and useful tools to boost your life with new perspective on society, culture, creativity, and innovation.


to empower our readers. To help them optimise their journey and experience in London on any dimension of their lives


share honest information, knowledge and wisdom, so our readers learn something new and useful with every article, and optimise their journey in London and beyond


set to promote respect, transparency, integrity, leading with empathy, and exploring the most inner essences of what makes the written word so unique and essential to our humanity


We are creatives, big thinkers, and changemakers

We are here to promote innovation of thought, provide new perspectives, and challenge the norms. We welcome contributions from forward thinking journalists, writers, bloggers and storytellers who want to change modern-day media.

We are constantly hiring for new talent, so if you are interested in joining our family and together building our culture, then read more about what makes us a unique place to build your legacy. 


We are proud of our community, and we strive to support where we can


Because we care, and we truly believe that giving is more rewarding than taking.

Our articles are 100% free for everyone to read, and 10% of the profits from any of our priced services go to a selected London charity, so while you enjoy our amazing world class services, you are also doing a good deed and someone more vulnerable can be enjoying our donations.

Because Life is all about giving!

We do what we can to raise both awareness and money for charities in London and beyond. Flip the box to read the details

Giving back to London and Beyond

Every quarter, we select a charity to donate to, and announce it on our website. Therefore, if you have a non-for-profit organisation registered in the UK, and preferably serving a cause to better the life of a vulnerable demographic in London, you can nominate your charity to be considered for our quarterly donation.
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Our articles are free for all to read.

Our paid services are designed to empower our mission, vision, and values to get our clients the messages they need require to their audience. We keep our integrity and transparency of information as we offer first class publications.

Our services also include Features, Consultations, Awards, as well as a range of unique programs that promote London and empower our community.

For the full list of our services and what we do exactly, visit our Services page.

Meet the Authidor

A.O, PhD is a passionate writer and editor. She authored papers, articles, and book chapters on many topics from technology and organisation management to lifestyle and self-development.

She is a computer scientist by training, and an author by practice. She is a certified investment manager, and business analyst with a work experience that spans over 15 years.


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The team in Life.London translated our website from Arabic to English few months ago. We were very impressed with the quality and it was clear they thoroughly checked the context of the information and did not use Google Translate as most other companies do. I'm very happy with the results.

Mr. A. Lead

Operations Manager

I reached out to Life.London to create a press release for my new company. They sat with us and went through the main message we want to deliver to our clients/readers. They provided the press release within 24h. The article was written to perfection and is now published in Bloomberg and Gulf News.

Mr. W.Alzein


I wanted to send my son to university in London, and I found it difficult to understand the system to know what are the best options for him. The Life.London team was very friendly and explained everything to us in a consultation. They also provided us many resources so we can be 100% well informed before taking a decision. We will definitely use their services again. Highly recommended!

Mrs. N. B