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Long Live the King

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Long Live the King! A sentence we didn’t hear in the United Kingdom in over 70 years! Today, the 6th of May 2023 marks the coronation of King Charles III, the new king succeeding his mother Queen Elizabeth II, the longest reigning monarch of the country, and what once was an empire.

The coronation is nothing like anything else we have seen, at least for most of us in our lifetime. This is the first coronation in modern London, and the first in the age of social media, mass media, and very open minded and diverse society. Because of this it is difficult to estimate the size of this historical event, the viewership, the number of channels, articles, and image sharing covering the events. However, what we can know for sure is that the event will be spectacular, for the Royal Family sure know how to run the show.

With all the expected traditions and rituals that will be performed in the coronation, the costumes, the jewels, the horse carriages, celebratory decorations all over London, the sheer number of attending diplomats, VIPs, and supporters camping outside of Buckingham palace, I am certain that the event will attract the attention is surely deserves. However, what after? We know King Charles has been preparing for this event for the good part of his life, but what will he bring to the table in this new age?

An adapting King

Like his ancestors, I believe we can reply on King Charles on adaptability, resilience, and endurance of constant social and cultural change in the UK and the commonwealth. His mother certainly left big shoes to fill in this context. She kept going no matter what. She protected the reputation of the royal family and worked hard to keep their image, meet the standards and traditions set centuries ago in a fast-paced world, while showing openness to change gracefully, and most importantly, avoiding politics and pleasing her people.  She succeeded in the job with flying colours and died a beloved of all, with a clean record.

Of course, King Charles III had his share of ups and downs as a prince. The media was not on his side for many years, mostly out of sympathy to Lady Diana. Many thought this day – his coronation – will never come, that his past would mean the public will not accept him as King at least not for the commonwealth. After all, with the house of parliament running the country, who needs a King?

King of tolerance

However, in the past few years, the popularity of the prince raised again, and his continuous hard work to deliver his duty paid off. His preaching of tolerance in the last decades in the growing diverse society in Britain, and his continuous efforts to embrace change, bettered his cause to popularity. His mothers’ constant fights to keep the royal family’s position also helped tremendously, as Charles navigated the changing world. His sons’ popularity in the UK and beyond added even more to that, as they present the future of the monarch. 

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King for the duty

From the planning of the coronation itself and in the past few months post the death of the late Queen, we saw King Charles III appoint his wife Camilla as a Queen and thinning the royal’s family exposure to only the working members. This shows a hint of the changes he will be applying while he reigns. This is not about a ‘family’s’ birth right, this is about duty and performance. Charles knows very well that the scrutiny on the Royal family’s behaviour can only get higher as the media surrounds every figure in the family. This kind of changes show that he understands this, and he will give the public what they expect, Royals who deliver, and live up to their titles. After all, this is the main requirement to the Royals’ existence, as the young generation of brits no longer believes in God’s appointment of Kings, and birth rights. You simply need to ‘DO’ in order to ‘BE’, no more free rides at least ‘symbolically.

Of course, it is worth mentioning that with this duty bestowed upon him, our new King will enjoy an opulent wealth that measures around $46 billions in assets according to Forbes, including the crown estate, castles, jewels, art collections and horse farms, that is all tax-free. It must feel good to be a king! 

King of love

The love story of Charles and Camilla is mesmerising, though people saw them as villains for years, I must command Charles for sticking to his beliefs and following his heart against all the odds. His forbidden love for Camilla almost cost him his crown and cost his mother queen Elizabeth II her popularity back in the 90s. However, the couple just seem to have stuck together and powered through royal rules and turbulent waves of media critics. It was beautiful to see Charles insist on crowing his wife and the love of his life as his queen and not settle for queen consort. It takes strength to bend the rules, and this King certainly knows how to shape the future of the monarchy is his favour. 

Finally, wether one believes in having a king or not, we wish King Charles III all the luck in his reign. We hope his presence enforces and reflects the change in British society towards a tolerant and proudly diverse nation that is not afraid to do what is believed to be right.

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Disclaimer: The content of all our articles is protected by the Terms & Conditions policy. For license of content, please reach out to us directly, our information are on the contact us page.

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