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Top 7 Flavoured Coffee Lattes in London You Must Try

Summary. If you are into luxury coffees and love trying edible or rather drinkable art, then this article is for you. Here, we review the best 7 flavoured lattes in London.

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If you are into luxury coffees and love trying edible or rather drinkable art, then this article is for you. London is always buzzing with new flavours and trends and the latest in the world of coffee has been the instagrammable coloured coffees that you just want to dive into. With their gorgeous colours, edible flours and out of this world tastes, it’s a coffee lover’s paradise. From their design by the most creative baristas in the city to their presentations, it’s all about perfection and attraction.

So, here are our top 7 gorgeous beverages for all you coffee lovers, in no particular order:

Pistachio latte – Fait Maison:

Pistachio latte - Fait Maison

With their most unique beverage, cakes, and food menu, you can tell this coffee has been created by a very special chef. When it comes to modern cuisine, Oum Walid, the brain behind the café and every little design in it never disappoints. She is the wizard of fusion. The menu of the café is inspired by the middle east, so it is no surprise that the pistachio latte’s glass top is covered with pistachio kernels pieces as fresh as a sunny London morning. At (£9.95), this little number comes hot or cold ready to lift-up your mood in every season. It is rich, sweet, and smooth all at once, of course, you can also nibble on the pistachio kernels on the glass while enjoying your coffee.

The café has many other amazing flavours including a signature rose latte where you can enjoy pouring the coffee into your glass of pink goodness, decorated with cute little pink roses.

Classic Spanish Latte – Café EL&N

Classic Spanish Latte - Café EL&N

If you haven’t heard of Café Elan, you have missed the past few years in coffee’s the history. This vision in pink market disruptive café has grown to an internationally recognisable brand. Thanks to its founder Alexandra Miller, promoter of healthy living while maintaining luxury, this café has been booming since 2017, it leveraged the power of social media, and particularly Instagram like no other, making it London’s most instagramable cafe. Within its extensive menu of beautifully presented foods and beverages, the list of flavoured coloured lattes is made to please all tastes.  Simply said, every time I go to café EL&N, I want to eat and drink everything in their menu!!

One of their best-selling coffees is the Classic Spanish Latte (£8), it is made off the house’s espresso, condensed milk, and steamed textured milk, and is a must try to anyone visiting one of the EL&N hot spots in central London. They also offer many other signature drinks including the sapphire latte, and the Matcha Rose Iced Latte (£7.95) made of Japanese matcha, rose syrup, almond milk, and rose petals.

PS. In case you are curious, EL&N stands for Eat, Live and Nourish.

Sweet Dreams Rose Latte – Peggy Porschen:

Sweet Dreams Rose Latte - Peggy Porschen

Simply the most illustrated café in London, this pink gem with outstanding décor that changes every season does not need any introductions. If you haven’t tried it, this café is a Londoner’s dream come true, it’s an escape to a beautiful decadent pink fairy tale. It is like being inside the brain of a very happy princess. The artist behind the concept and the food is award winning chef Peggy Porchen, whom the café is named after. Specialising in cupcakes and decorative cakes, Peggy’s attention to details is unmatched. As everyone in the UK and beyond knows this, the café is so desirable that unless you book, or go early to get some of their gorgeously decorated sugar cookies, most likely they will be sold out / fully booked. Located in London’s prime spots in Belgravia and Chelsea,

The drinks menu is varied and perfectly matches the flower decorated brunch or lunch menus. My favourite is the Sweet Dreams Rose Latte, made of Steamed milk, rose syrup, beetroot powder and dried rose petals (£6).

Because the food, drink, and décor are all fit for a princess, this is my 2 years old favourite spot in London! She just can’t have enough of the decadent macaroons. The café accommodates kids perfectly with a specialised children set menu, where you can read the full details on the used ingredients and allergies guide online.

Azure Lavender Latte – L’ETO:

Azure Lavender Latte - L'Eto
Azure Lavender Latte - L'Eto

With its relaxing décor of books, painting, and lamps, this café is my favourite spot to meet friends or relax with a cup of coffee by self. My favourite coffee here is the equally relaxing Azure Lavender Latte (£7.5), a truly heavenly beverage that comes in an artistically tilted glass. – this is my husband favourite drink in London, he orders it every time he wants a little pick me up and it never fails to lift-up his mood. With its gorgeous almost tiffany blue like colour and the lovely edible bird and flower on the top, this elegant latte is one treasure for every coffee lover. 

The café also offers other gorgeous coffees from rose to matcha and displays the most tempting cakes and ready to eat food on the windows. The café is expanding in London, and by the menu and the décor I don’t see why not. I personally wish there was a L’eto in every corner.

Organic Golden Turmeric Latte – Café Concerto:

Organic Golden Turmeric Latte - Café Concerto

Elegance and luxury at its best with its European style mirrors, flowers, lamps and chandeliers, the Concerto chain is well known for decades, originating in Italy in 1920, this is one of the oldest cafe / restaurant chains in the world. Headquartered in London, with its first spot in the beautiful Regent Street, and with a varied menu to choose from and artistic cakes on the windows, you can’t be a true Londoner if you haven’t sat in one of the Concertos. Originally Italian, the list of coffees doesn’t disappoint, but my favourite is the Turmeric Latte (£4.5), a must have in the cold weather (which is most of the year in London). The latte is so smooth and delicious it never takes me more than 5 min to finish it and go for seconds. The golden latte also comes in other flavours such as vanilla and coconut. Concerto also makes delicious Ruby Latte with beetroot and ginger, and Masala Chai Latte with honey.

Onyx Charcoal Latte – Feya:

Onyx Charcoal Latte -  Feya

The beautiful and trendy female empowering café is growing fast and spreading all over central London. They have certainly mastered dietary requirements with Vegan, Halal, Vegetarian, and Gluten Free options.

They offer a varied menu for fusion infused brunch, lunch, cakes, and of course their specialty fluffy milk. With the exquisitely designed international menu, they offer a range of speciality coffees. My favourite is their charcoal latte (£5.5), a magically charcoal black coloured coffee with the heart drawn on the foam. The first time I ordered it I was just curious; I mean how often do you see a charcoal inspired coffee with rich black colour? The taste surely lived up to the name. I don’t know what they put in it, but it really taste as if there is charcoal on it, but in the most fascinating and delicious way.

Feya’s baristas who usually sit on the coffee bar in the middle of the café also makes their special lattes with a cute teddy bear faces on the foam.

Pumpkin latteStarbucks

Pumpkin latte - Starbucks

Finally, and most certainly not the least in any way, my favourite latte of all times and in all London. Simple, delicious, flavourful, spiced up, so unique, and just gorgeous, I wait for this seasonal coffee every year, because when it comes, it means the autumn has arrived in London. Created by Starbucks, the mother of all flavoured coffees, and an all-time favourite spot, the Pumpkin Latte (£3.65) is so special, it makes any time better, no matter what. This magic drink is a must try, sadly, it disappears as more wintery flavours come up near Christmas time such as the gingerbread latte, the eggnog latte, and the toffee nut latte; only to make a comeback the autumn after, it is certainly worth the wait.

Disclaimer: The content of all our articles is protected by the Terms & Conditions policy. For license of content, please reach out to us directly, our information are on the contact us page.

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