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100 Ideas for your 2024 Bucket List

Summary. Are you an adventure seeker who craves the thrill of being alive? if you want to spice up your year, we are here for you. we prepared an all thumbs up expert based bucket list for your year.

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Are you tired of wanting to do things but lack the motivation? Below we give you 100 inspirational ideas to spice up your year. These 100 actions were all tried by our writers, and came highly recommended to make a ultimate golden worth living bucket list. In no particular order of thrill:

  1. Bunjy jump in the Kawarau river, New Zealand
  2. Walk the streets of Kyoto in geisha kimono and makeup in Japan
  3. Take a balloon ride to watch the animal migration in Tanzania
  4. Go white water rafting in Slovenia
  5. Sleep in an Igloo, Norway
  6. Try zorbing (going inside a huge plastic ball and going down the hill) in OGO Rotorua, New Zealand
  7. Take countless photos in the trick eye museum, Seoul, South Korea
  8. East pizza every day in Naples, Italy
  9. Work from home from a top 5 star hotel. Why not check out the luxurious Withdrawing room in the Lanseborough hotel
  10. Visiting the ancient drawings of aliens in the Tassili N’ajjer, the Sahara Desert in Algeria
  11. Dress up for the oldest festival in the world, Venice, Italy
  12. Skydive over Lake Taupo in New Zealand
  13. Attend a tango show in Buenos Aires, Argentina
  14. Camp out in the savanna, and watch the best sunset rise in East Africa
  15. Attend a flamenco show in southern Spain
  16. Take a helicopter ride over Chris the redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro, Argentina/Brazil
  17. Take a balloon ride over the Valley of the Kings in Egypt
  18. Take a perfume factory tour, southern France
  19. Take a chocolate factory tour, Las Vegas, USA
  20. See Petra by day and night in Jordan.
  21. Ride an elephant in Thailand
  22. Attend Cirque du Soleil show, Albert Hall, London
  23. Haggle like no tomorrow in the street markets of Tunis, Tunisia
  24. Visit the Vesuvius in Pompeii, Italy
  25. Try black water rafting and glow worms watching in Waitomo, New Zealand
  26. Play with tigers in a sanctuary in Thailand
  27. Take a jeep ride in Wadi Rum, Jordan
  28. Eat like there is no tomorrow in a Vegas buffet, las Vegas, USA
  29. Dance in the streets of Rio de Janeiro in the festival, Brazil
  30. Cross the Brazil-Paraguay on foot / See the streets of on a motorcycle, Paraguay
  31. Do the desert safari in Dubai
  32. Take a walking tour in Florence and learn about the renaissance history, Italy
  33. Take a tour of the Gaudi architecture in Barcelona, Spain
  34. Climb up Moses Mountain in Sinai, Egypt
  35. Climb down inside a volcano in Iceland
  36. Take a boat ride on the Colorado river along the grand canyon in the USA
  37. Take a helicopter ride over Iguazu Falls, Argentina/Brazil
  38. Take a felucca boat ride on the Nile, Egypt
  39. Take a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon, USA
  40. Spend a weekend in Disneyland over thanksgiving in the USA
  41. Go inside the Giza pyramid in Egypt
  42. Pray in Jerusalem, the holy land.
  43. Swim in the dead sea, Jordan
  44. Attend a tea ceremony in Japan
  45. Try jet boating in new Zealand
  46. Have coffee in Hello Kitty café in Japan
  47. Have dinner in a monk monastery in Mount Koya, Japan
  48. Stay in a Ryokan, Japan
  49. Fly a glider plane, Southampton, UK
  50. Stay in a capsule inn, Japan
  51. Have an onsen (naked sauna) in Japan
  52. Go glacier hiking in New Zealand
  53. The Pokémon Center in Osaka, Japan
  54. Go shark driving in a shark sanctuary in Australia
  55. Go horse rising in a ranch in Argentina
  56. Climb the Sydney bridge in Australia
  57. See the pandas in the Beijing zoo, China
  58. Dress like a sultan/sultana in Istanbul, Top Kapi museum, Turkey
  59. Buy a French designer bag from the headquarter in Paris, France
  60. Go fan crazy attending a football game for your favourite team
  61. Row around the lake Bled in Slovenia
  62. Take a boat ride in Cinque Terre, Italy
  63. Smoke a cigar in Uruguay or Cuba
  64. Learn how to shoot a rifle, UK
  65. Go sand surfing, Peru
  66. Go punting, Cambridge, UK
  67. Dance on the tables in Mikonos beaches, Greece
  68. Walk under a waterfall in Iceland
  69. Try camel riding in the desert, Jordan
  70. Wish upon a lantern in Thailand
  71. Walk the streets of Beirut dress up in top fashion, Lebanon
  72. Climb up volcanic crater (Middle-earth’ Mount Doom), New Zealand
  73. Visit the world’s oldest open-air museum, Skansen, Sweden
  74. Take a tour of the house of parliament and Big Ben, London, UK
  75. Attend a formula one race
  76. Go scuba diving in the red sea, Egypt
  77. Explore a real green forest in Aaland, Finland
  78. Watch Hamlet in the Shakespeare’s Globe theatre, London, UK
  79. Visit Capitol Hill in Washington DC, USA
  80. Visit Monet’s House and see the nature behind the inspiration in France
  81. See the terracotta army in China
  82. Do a banana boat ride with your friends or family, Egypt
  83. Stand on the Greenwich line with a foot on the east and one of the west in the Greenwich observatory, London, UK
  84. Visit a floating market in Vietnam
  85. Try a floating massage in the blue lagoon, Iceland
  86. Run freely in fields of lavender, Cotswolds, UK
  87. Go parasailing, Sharm Elsheikh, Egypt
  88. Attend the royal ascot horse races, UK
  89. See the autumn leaves colours, Canada, North USA
  90. Try toboggan slide down the great wall of China, Beijing, China
  91. Have a spiritual experience, e.g. do Omra in Mecca, Saudi Arabia
  92. Shop until you drop the full day in the mall, Dubai
  93. Take the fastest train ride, Shanghai, China
  94. Watch a variety show in Las Vegas, USA
  95. Travel part of the silk road, Uzbekistan
  96. Do a dog sleigh ride, Finland
  97. Check out the 789 art district Beijing, China
  98. Check out the farmhouses and midsummer pole at Jan Karlsgarden open air museum Aland Islands, Finland
  99. Take a picture-perfect photos on the most photographed beach on the world, in La Digue, Seychelle
  100. Try a daring swing jump in Queenstown, New Zealand

Have you tried something yourself that you want to recommend? why not inspire us and our readers by telling us about it. Leave a comment below and we will add it to our bucket list.

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Disclaimer: The content of all our articles is protected by the Terms & Conditions policy. For license of content, please reach out to us directly, our information are on the contact us page.

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