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Zainab Al Farhan Al Imam speaking during one of her events

Meet Zainab Al Farhan Al Imam: The Queen of Arab Fine Art Auctions

Meet the renowned Zainab Al Farhan, queen of Arab fine art auctions. From art to fashion to special needs products, Zainab has pioneered her way through business in an unprecedented manner. Raised in an intellectually stimulating family, Zainab has leveraged her cultural heritage and innovative spirit to make significant contributions

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Konooz: A Celebration of Arab Art, Women, and Royal Patronage

As we observe the remarkable progress in the Arab world across economics, technology, innovation, tourism and more, it becomes evident that art, a cornerstone of civilizational advancement, is equally flourishing. The growing appreciation for art reflects the evolving state of the region’s society and culture. This artistic renaissance complements the

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Angelica Kauffman- Self Portrait, the Artist Hesitating Between the Arts of Music and Painting
Society & Culture

Angelica Kauffman: Women, Art, and Empowerment

Have you ever marveled at how far women have come in using art as a medium of expression and empowerment? Angelica Kauffman’s exhibition at the Royal Academy is a testament to the power of art in voicing the unspoken, demanding equality, and reshaping societal norms. This exhibition not only celebrates

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London Fashion Week Spring 2024 - Photo taken from Vogue
Society & Culture

London Fashion Week: Highlights from the Spring/Summer 2024 Season

From recycled gowns to gender-bending designs, London Fashion Week buzzed with sustainable statements and bold inclusivity. Burberry dipped toes in tech, while Ahluwalia tackled identity through vibrant prints. It’s not just fashion, it’s a glimpse into the future we wear. Dive deeper with this 2 min digest.

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The resurgence of illustrative art
Society & Culture

The Resurgence of Illustrative Art: A Creative Renaissance

Explore the captivating revival of Illustrative Art in a digital age of sleek graphics & sophisticated design. Hand-drawn, narrative-driven & full of whimsy: a creative renaissance rediscovering its timeless charm. In this article we look at rise of illustrative art in recent years with social media and technology capabilities creating

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