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Poem to my autistic child

Poem to my Autistic Child

In celebration of Neurodiversity Celebration Week with World Poetry Day, we present this humble poem titled ‘Magic in Silence’ to all Autistic children and their parents. The poem was written by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and edited by a parent.

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Adaptive Assessment: Hope for Autistic Individuals

Adaptive Assessment & Autism: Hope for Neurodivergent Individuals

How can you assess someone who processes thoughts differently, learns differently, and communicates differently? In this article we look at few ideas of how adaptive assessment can change the way we assess neurodivergent individuals’ learning. As these individuals have unique cognitive processes that we know very little about, an automated

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Canary Wharf Top Places for Kids Entertainment in 2024

Canary Wharf is a place for work, not for family entertainment. This statement was true many years ago, but with Canary Wharf renovating itself post the pandemic, the choices to enjoy family time, experience an adventure, and relax while your kids spend their energy playing and learning are just getting

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