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Top 5 international brands for Kids

Summary. Looking for the perfect outfit for your special little one, wether for a casual outing, everyday wear, or that special occasion, let them shine in a unique style while you get the complement of these cuteness overload pictures. In this article, we list our favourite children fashion brands that got the thumbs up from the experts: parents who keep going back to buy from these brands.

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We have previously listed for you our favourite British children brands. In this article, we list for you our favourite international brands to style your special little one in.


Our Top Designers



Mayoral is a leading designer in children’s fashion with over 75 years in the fashion industry born from a family run business. This Spanish brand’s collections for babies, boys and girls consists of functional fashion for everyday wear for children.  Mayoral uses premium fabrics and playful prints. The brand caters for every season, but their summer collection is always exceptionally beautiful, with many bright colours and fun prints to choose from. The shoes are also cute, practical, and great for occasion wear.

Parent’s Tips: My favourite items are the girls legging sets, and the boys short sets. The colours are perfect for kids, and very diverse. Finally, a brand that doesn’t shy away from using different colours, and not just be stuck in pink, blue, red, and yellow. Not to mention, we hear Christiano Ronaldo’s kids dress from this brand!



EMC – short for Everything Must Change is an Italian children’s designer brand known for its stylish clothes for both boys and girls. The luxury fabrics used guarantees comfort and the prints and matching sets infuse the fun side. This premium kids’ fashion label is perfect for everyday comfort or dressing up for that special occasion. The babies’ collection showcases traditional pastels with cute attention to detail.  EMC also integrates super cute Disney characters such as the Bambi collection which is a little girls must have.

Parent’s Tips: I got my twins baby blue and baby pink winter jackets when they were 2 years old, they looked super cute walking down York Square in Chelsea, London. We still have these pictures on the wall. The jackets also survived countless washes, a must consideration for toddlers’ parent.


Balloon Chic

Headquartered in Athens, Greece, Balloon Chic are masters of junior couture. As a specialised designer for girls, the dresses and accessories are every little girls’ dream. The beautiful, dreamy patterns change for every season with every new collection, with headbands and cute purses to match.

Perfect for everyday wear and those special occasions, the collections are full of cute and fun prints, puff ball skirts, frills, and bows. The Greek designer brand for children has thought of every detail in the impeccable quality and craftsmanship behind the designs.

Parent’s Tips: Balloon Chic is available in sizes 3 months to 12 years, and I truly wish they made the same dresses for mothers. They just have the ‘wow’ factor. I get at least couple of Balloon Chic dresses for my daughter every year, they don’t have a store in the UK, so we buy them online. On the sales, I usually get also the leggings sets one year older than her age as they tend to get sold out very quickly.



We cannot talk about luxury occasion dresses without mentioning Patachou. From a little corner in Portugal to expanding over 15 years from the US to Asia, Patachou is a brand that mixes exclusive design and high-quality raw materials to create a chic and timeless world for children. Elegant clothing with exquisite material for little ladies and little gentlemen featuring the best of luxurious materials: velvet, satin, lace.

Parent’s Tips: it’s every parent’s dream to see their little princess wrapped up in feminine luxury. I got my daughter 2 dresses from Patachou last year, a red velvet for Christmas, and a satin tiffany blue one for the spring that she wore when we went to the Tiffany Exhibition. Ashe looked a vision. The back of the dress was so beautiful, it would have qualified for a red carpet event.


Lapin House

Also, founded in Greece, Lapin House has been an international designer children’s wear brand since 1976. Their love for children beams shines through their design every season with elegant designs and high-quality fabrics. They are also perfect for everyday comfort as well as special occasions. The brand also makes matching bags and hairbands in every collection, and they clearly mastered what looks great for parents to indulge their kids in.

Parent’s Tips: My favourite items are the gorgeous prints dresses in the Easter collections, with the bunnies and the ducks. Perfect in blue, yellow, and pink.


Extra Tips

If you are wandering where to buy from all these brands and you do not like going to each website individually, do not worry, we got you. Below are some websites that carry these lines, and have some great discounts on sales seasons:

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