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Dress your child like a Londoner: Top London shops for Kids Winter Clothing

Summary. Do you fantasise about your little one looking their best as a winter prince or princess? Are you looking forward to posting that cuteness overload photo of them by the chimney or Christmas tree, shopping in the city arcades, or splashing water and mud in the park? Well, we are here to make your wishes come true. Dress your special little one as a true Londoner this season and enjoy the complements while your little one has fun staying warm and cosy.

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As the crisp air arrives and frosty mornings greet us, it’s time to prepare your little adventurer for winter’s embrace. From snowball fights in hidden parks to cozy evenings by the fire, the UK offers endless winter fun. But for your child to fully enjoy it, they need warm, comfortable, and stylish outfits that can handle chilly winds and playful tumbles. That’s where this helpful guide comes in! We’ve compiled a list of top British children’s clothing brands, catering to various styles and needs. From the traditional to the trendy and practical, we’ve got you covered, so your little one can enjoy their winter wonderland wardrobe while keeping cosy and warm.

More than just brand names, we give you parents’ tips on products that they personally tried and gave the thumbs up for. Remember, there’s no specific order, we simply want to offer a diverse range of options to suit your preferences and your child’s unique personality. So, grab a warm drink, get comfy, and scroll through our selection to discover the perfect winter wardrobe for your little explorer!



Founded in 1990 in Kings Road, Chelsea, in the heart of London. This iconic British brand has everything a child needs and wants, from specialised shoe fittings, traditional wooden toys, curated books, to beautifully crafted clothes, and a dedicated hairdressing section with a giant fish tank to keep the little ones entertained and calm. Trotters mastered bringing traditional patterns, cuts, and colour palettes into timeless items that can only be a must in any child’s wardrobe.

Their polished and picture-perfect Christmas outfits are everything you expect to see on a London child: velvet, tartan, warm and cosy wool blend jumpers, and side-bow headbands. It really does not get more London than this. In fact, the brand keeps gaining more popularity as all three royal children: prince George, princess charlotte, and prince Louis were photographed over the years wearing Trotters’ famous Double-Breasted Coats.

Parent’s tip: I love the little girls’ line in Trotters, throughout the seasons, winter or summer, the dresses are just too pretty to pass on. I also love the traditional timeless black shoes, the ballerina clothing, as well as the colourful Hampton shoes in the summer. For my son, I love the winter jumpers, they are very warm and cosy, and he looks super handsome and posh in them! And FYI – some jumpers are available in adult size as well, perfect for mother child matching!



Bright bold colours, patterns, glow in the dark prints, you name it! this creative, full of fun brand is unique to say the least. Established in 1991 and headquartered in London, Boden offers casual and party wear for both mums and children. The designers of the brand certainly know how to pick their material, the cloths are gorgeous, durable, and the colours do not fade after wash, which is critical, provided the bright colours are part of the brand’s identity.

Parent’s tip: everytime my kids are dressed up in any item from Boden, whether a pinafore, jacket, or a t-shirt, I end up taking hundreds on pictures of them! I just can’t resist the cuteness overload! The cloths are both soft and durable, I don’t know how they achieve this, but I like it! I think my daughter has around 6 velvet pinafore dresses from boden in her wardrobe this year, as I tend to buy her one or 2 every season, and they are great for nursery as they resist frequent washing. I get them from the VIP sales which the online ship does a lot when you are a registered customer. I love the big animals and quirky details on the dresses and the t-shirts. My 4-year-old son is very sensory. So, he loves zippers and small fiddly items hanging from his t-shirt. He doesn’t particularly like dinosaurs or space, which seem to dominate the UK clothing lines for boys his age. So, I am very happy there is a brand that offers other prints like woodland animals, and other colours outside blue and yellow. They are just great fun for him.



Not many people are aware of amazing is the quality of this British clothing brand are. The Joules lines are inspired by the British country lifestyles, and famous for bright, fun patterns are maintain an elegant quality. Its founder Tom Joule described its business model in 2011 as creating clothing with “colour and fun and entertainment”. The parent company is nothing but retail giant Next plc, which also carries great kids clothing, and you can find the best from Joules in the Next website as well as the brands website.

Parent’s tip: My favourite items in Joules are their toddler clothing, particularly their fun leggings with the cute animal faces on the bum, I just love my twins crawling around with these bright prints on their backs. When they outgrew their 2 year old closet, I swear we had 16 pairs of these leggings (8 per child) with matching socks. I must have bought every pattern in the store, they were too cute to resist, and they come in a pack of 2, which is excellent for twins. Unfortunately, the brand doesn’t make them for over 2 year-old.

The foldable waterproof jackets are also a must. I got a pair in yellow and pink for my boy and girl twins, they were very light and fit in my backpack easily. They wore them for 2 years, got washed countless times, and were donated to charity when my kids outgrew them, looking as good as new.

This brand also offers women and men clothing, so if you like matching jumpers or jackets with your little ones for those Instagram moments, then this is the place. They also carry cute wellington bootsfor those muddy parks, so you are free to run after your kids while looking great in your countryside fashion.


Jojo Maman Bebe

Looking for practical and pretty? Jojo Maman Bebe got you. These are the masters of pack-away waterproof outdoor clothing for kids. With polar fleece lining, and not 2 but 4 ways to wear their jackets, they are a must-have for kids who love exploring the outdoors. Founded in 1993, JoJo Maman Bébé is one the UK’s favourite boutique mother & baby brands. Shop stylish maternity clothes, baby and children’s clothes & products.

Parent’s tip: since my kids were about 2 year old, and we started frequently going to the playground in the park, Jojo Maman Bebe became one of my top British clothing brands for children wear. My favourite item in Jojo are the unique waterproof dungarees in their famous berry and mustard colours. I buy every year: both the winter polar fleece lines ones, and the pack-away light ones, that I take with me when I know there will be water play or expected shower, so as you expect, we use them every day given the British weather. They are easy to clean in the washing machine, and I get complements from other parents every time my kids are strolling around in them in the park. I am a member of the Twins Trust charity, so I get discounts from the brand, which is excellent given I always buy 2 of the products.


Sarah Louise

Looking for something timeless, regal, and iconic? If you have not heard of Sarah Louise, then you are about to be introduced to the true meaning of traditional British designs. Founded in 1969, Sarah Louise is renowned for intricate details, hand smocking and embellishment details telling stories throughout the seasonal colours. With the traditional hand smocking being their famous trademark, the quality is unrivalled. The superior artisanal garments featuring intricate needlework, and detailed embellishment should proudly top the list of British clothing brands for children, babies, and toddlers. Always by hand showcasing a look of everlasting elegance. The brand sells children’s dresses, cardigans, coat and hats, specialising in occasions wear, with the christening dresses, rompers and baby boys’ smart outfits being big part of the brand’s collection.

Parent’s tip: Have you ever browsed a clothing catalogue and wanted to buy every item in it? Well, that’s me when I receive the seasonal Sarah Louise catalogue. Every item is prettier than the one before and the choice is difficult. However, my favourite item of all times is the heritage line coat with the hat. It comes in pink or blue, from 6 months to 8 years old. I got the pink one for my little princess and I can never forget the moment I put the hat on her for the first time in front of the mirror. She put both hands on her face and said ‘wow’. I was so happy to see her feel so beautiful. She looked like a princess and felt like a princess. I am a big sucker for beautiful, detailed garments, so no wonder I am in love with this brand.


Mitch & Son

Created in Scotland in 2013, Mitch & Son is a beautifully co-ordinated classic clothing collection for boys, with smart details made with quality cottons and jerseys for ages 18 months to 6 years. It stands out with its classic, easy to wear, and comfortable styling.

Parent’s tip: My favourite items in Mitch &b Son’s collection is their fabulous shades of blue boy puffer jacket with the removable faux fur trims, matching hats, scarfs, and footwear. My son looks a vision is this shade of blue and grey. It is also very warm for those December days.


Ted Baker

Known for its men and women wear and accessories, Ted Baker is famous for luxury wear, and diversity of materials. What many people do not know is that the brand also makes the cutest boy and girl outfits. The famous pink and flowery patterns they use for adults can also be find in baby, toddler, and older kids wear.

Parent’s Tip: My favourite items in ted baker are the little pink dresses that you can match for mum and daughter. I am also a big fun of their girls’ coats, they are very warm, gorgeous colours, and easy to clean. For my boy, I love the labelled sweat sets, we always get complements, as my son looks all dressed up whether we are walking in the city or jumping on the playground.


If you like our list, but are finding the pricing range out of your budget, do not worry, there are many seasons where you can find great sales of up to 70% online and in stores.

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