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Adaptive Assessment & Autism: Hope for Neurodivergent Individuals

Adaptive Assessment: Hope for Autistic Individuals

How can you assess someone who processes thoughts differently, learns differently, and communicates differently? In this article we look at few ideas of how adaptive assessment can change the way we assess neurodivergent individuals’ learning. As these individuals have unique cognitive processes that we know very little about, an automated personalisation tool is what is required to delve into this world, discover talents, communicate areas of needs, highlight strengths, boost confidence, empower individuals, and raise awareness. These capabilities are currently lacking in traditional assessment, which is designed for the ‘average’ neurotypical student with a one-size-fits-all approach.

Money Saving Tips for Students in the UK

Money Saving Tips for Students in the UK

To study in the UK you need a good budget that would covers your tuition fees as well as the cost of living. You might not be able to save money on the fees unless you earn a scholarship. However, you can certainly reduce the cost of living.

The Cost of British Higher Education: A Guide for Students & Parents

Studying in the UK is a first-class luxury in the world of education, and as any other luxury, it comes with a steep price. the truth about the costs can be horrifying to say the least, the tuition fees, the accommodation and other expenses, and leaves you to wonder if it is all worth it. Whether funded through a loan, a scholarship, or lovely parents, if you are picking up the bill, you need to know where your money will be spent, so you can plan and budget efficiently.

How to Choose the Right University for you: The Top 10 Tips

The UK has over 200 universities, each running hundreds of courses, totalling to more than 50,000 undergraduate courses available to you in the UK. The universities also offer varied range of facilities and perks. The choice of where to study and spend the next few years of life for a young student that will determine a big part of their future can be both stressful and confusing. After all, whichever university you choose, will be a part of you forever, your peers will be life-long friends, its name will be engraved in your CV, your chosen subject will most likely be your career, and you will wear your graduation gift university hoodie with pride for years to come.

The importance of continuous learning to happiness

We are simply born to learn. This is why the happiness accrued from learning and that sensation of satisfying your curiosity and achieving the success of gaining something new is so essential to your wellbeing. Find out how happiness and continuous learning are highly related in this article.