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Ramadan at the workplace

Ramadan and the Workplace: Purpose & Empowerment

Ramadan is not a month to fast for food & drink only, it’s a month to reflect, give, show gratitude, come together, and reduce bad habits – many that negatively affect the workplace – such as gossip, sabotage, procrastination, entitlement, and addictions such as coffee or cigarettes. For a Muslim,

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London Fashion Week Spring 2024 - Photo taken from Vogue
Society & Culture

London Fashion Week: Highlights from the Spring/Summer 2024 Season

From recycled gowns to gender-bending designs, London Fashion Week buzzed with sustainable statements and bold inclusivity. Burberry dipped toes in tech, while Ahluwalia tackled identity through vibrant prints. It’s not just fashion, it’s a glimpse into the future we wear. Dive deeper with this 2 min digest.

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Canary Wharf Top Places for Kids Entertainment in 2024

Canary Wharf is a place for work, not for family entertainment. This statement was true many years ago, but with Canary Wharf renovating itself post the pandemic, the choices to enjoy family time, experience an adventure, and relax while your kids spend their energy playing and learning are just getting

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