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Can Artificial Intelligence be Wise?

Can Artificial Intelligence be Wise?

The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) has been nothing short of phenomenal. Machines are now capable of surpassing human ability in specific tasks, from playing chess to composing music. But can these marvels of engineering ever achieve true wisdom?

The Art of the Hustle: From Opportunist to Big City Visionary

The Art of the Hustle: From Opportunist to Big City Visionary

In the heart of a bustling metropolis like London, the word “hustler” takes on a new meaning. It’s not just about fast-talking salespeople or back-alley deals. Here, the hustle is about something more profound: the relentless pursuit of opportunity amidst the city’s electric energy, and the drive to transform ideas into reality on the world stage.

12 Myths About Women Debunked

12 Myths About Women Debunked

Women: the mythical multitaskers who conquer rush hour with laser focus and, oh yeah, create entire humans. Yet, despite their sheer awesomeness, outdated notions cling to them like last week’s mascara. Now, it’s time to grab some metaphorical crowbars and bust these myths wide open. In this witty article, we debunk 12 myths about women that need to be eradicated from society for the new generations to grow free of these disproved stereotypes and misconceptions.

Ramadan and the Workplace: Purpose & Empowerment

Ramadan at the workplace

Ramadan is not a month to fast for food & drink only, it’s a month to reflect, give, show gratitude, come together, and reduce bad habits – many that negatively affect the workplace – such as gossip, sabotage, procrastination, entitlement, and addictions such as coffee or cigarettes. For a Muslim, Ramadan is a reminder of our purpose in life. It is also a time to remember reading the Quran, the holy book of Islam, which serves a manual for beliefs, values, good behaviour, and shortcuts to happiness for Muslims.

Two and a Half Women: Lessons Across Generations of Londoners

2 and a half Women: Lessons Across Generations in London

Raising a daughter is a journey filled with joy, wonder, and the inevitable responsibility of shaping a future adult. As your daughter or grand-daughter navigates the world, we give you are invaluable lessons you can impart that extend far beyond academics and etiquette. In this article, we give a mother’s and a grandmothers account for shaping a strong heart and mind: Lessons for your daughter and grand-daughter.

For women of war, forever to be free

For women of war, forever to be free

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we dedicate this poem to women of war. The women who have their freedom brutally taken from them. Freedom to live, to learn, to work, to raise their children, the freedom to simply be. This poem’s a tribute, a heartfelt plea, for women of war, forever to be free.

Hear her voice, read her thoughts: Why female writers are critical to the rise of the Middle East

Without your job title, who are you? By Soumana Ammar

The Middle East, once the land of pioneering writers, stands at a pivotal moment; brimming with the potential to create a richer, more vibrant cultural landscape. By amplifying the voices of women and empowering them to share their stories, the region can embark on a path towards a brighter, more sustainable future. This Women’s Month, and in celebration of World Book Day, we celebrate the symphony of narratives that emerges when all voices, male and female, are heard. This chorus, echoing through generations, will paint a more complete and truthful picture of the region’s culture and forever changing civilisation.

Championing Change: How to Support and Fund Female Entrepreneurs in the UK

How to Support and Fund Female Entrepreneurs in the UK

Across the globe, the entrepreneurial spirit of women is undeniable, driving innovation and progress. In the UK, female-led businesses are a powerful force, contributing significantly to the economy. However, despite their potential, the assumption that the world of entrepreneurship is gender-blind is far from the truth. There are many contributing factors, however, access to funding remains the most significant barrier hindering women’s growth and impact.

Empowering Women in AI: The Crucial Role of Female Developers

Empowering Women in AI: The Crucial Role of Female Developers

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly transforming our world, impacting everything from healthcare and finance to entertainment and transportation. Yet, amidst this technological revolution, a significant gender gap persists: only 22% of AI professionals globally are women. This underrepresentation not only raises ethical concerns but also poses a missed opportunity for diverse perspectives and talent that could fuel further innovation.

London Fashion Week: Highlights from the Spring/Summer 2024 Season

London Fashion Week Spring 2024 - Photo taken from Vogue

From recycled gowns to gender-bending designs, London Fashion Week buzzed with sustainable statements and bold inclusivity. Burberry dipped toes in tech, while Ahluwalia tackled identity through vibrant prints. It’s not just fashion, it’s a glimpse into the future we wear. Dive deeper with this 2 min digest.

Whispers of History, Echoes of Luxury: Inside Ruffles’ Hotel in the Old War Office

Raffles at the OWO

In this L.L Luxury Feature, we step into London’s newest luxury addition, with a side of history: Imagine sinking into the plush armchair once graced by Winston Churchill, surrounded by whispers of history, yet savouring a Michelin-starred meal. Raffles London at the OWO is where heritage trifft modern luxury, seamlessly blending history with elegant design. In the Haldane Suite, Churchill’s original desk becomes an artifact of a bygone era, silently sharing its secrets while you lose yourself in the opulence of the present. This is not just a hotel; it’s a living tapestry, where time itself becomes a luxury.

The Ritz London: A Pinnacle of Elegance and Luxury

The Ritz

In this L.L Luxury feature, we shine the spotlight on London’s most iconic hotel: The Ritz. Established in 1906, the hotel has hosted royalty & dignitaries from around the world.

With its grand history, the Ritz is the most famous hotel in London, a pioneer of serving the high tea tradition to guests from all over the world, and the first and only hotel to have been
awarded a Royal Warrant for Banqueting and Catering Service by His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales, now King Charles the 3rd.

So be ready to discover the timeless elegance & luxury of The Ritz London. From its neoclassical façade to the regal splendour of its atmosphere. The Ritz is a beacon of opulence, grandeur, and prestige.

Embracing Self-Love: How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day When You’re Single

How to Celebrate Valentine's Day When You're Single

Being single on Valentines day can make one feel lonely, sad, less confident, even though it should not. Valentines was created to celebrate the love we have for a partner, not to make single people feel unloved or exclude them from the love equation. However, in a society built on materialism, one cannot escape the red and pink hearts on every street, cafe, and advertisement for the most of February. This psychologically creates negative feelings as it reminds single people of what they do not have. How to get rid of these unwanted feelings and embracing the solo splendour? gratitude, independence, pampering, in this article we give you few tips on how to celebrate Valentine’s Day on your own terms as a single.

14 Date Ideas for the Perfect London Valentine

10 dates ideas for a London's Valentine

Feeling like celebrating out in the town? London, with its romantic ambiance and diverse offerings, provides a plethora of options for a memorable Valentine’s Day. In this article we share with you 14 date ideas to make the day special.

Harmony, Renewal, and Prosperity: Lessons from the Chinese New Year

Lessons from Chinese Culture and the Spring Festival

The Chinese celebrate new year with family and friends to honour old tradition. What can we learn from this ancient culture with its well known wisdom? As we celebrate the Year of the Dragon this year, we show you how you can learn about the value of family, tradition and community cohesion that adds value to the individual’s well-being as well as society.

Embracing the Essence: The Profound Importance of Celebrating Love

The Profound Importance of Celebrating Love

As Valentines’ day approaches, we look into why celebrating love is an opportunity to enrich the human life. No matter what love means to you or whether you care for the valentines event or not, we all feel love and form deep connections to others as we go through life as a the social being we are. Love yourself today, make your favourite drink or snack, cosy up and read our Love Special article.

The Resurgence of Illustrative Art: A Creative Renaissance

The resurgence of illustrative art

Explore the captivating revival of Illustrative Art in a digital age of sleek graphics & sophisticated design. Hand-drawn, narrative-driven & full of whimsy: a creative renaissance rediscovering its timeless charm. In this article we look at rise of illustrative art in recent years with social media and technology capabilities creating a platform for artists to shine and express their creativity. We also look at the commercial use of illustrations as a branding tool to gain a competitive edge in the market.

How to beat the January blues & celebrate the month of hope

How to beat the January blues

Here in London, January is viewed as the most depressing month of the year. Unless you have enough monies to escape to the Maldives or Seychelles, staycation in British January can be brutal and mentally challenging as we go back to work and face the dark and cold days of the longest month. But if you look closely, there is a lot to look forward to in January. It might not be the month of love, holidays, or Halloween, but this year, let’s make January the month of hope.

How to leave your ex out of your new year

Do you want to start your new year fresh and free from your ex? In this article we give you 3 steps to leave them behind and move on with your life, breath, and optimise your new year.

100 Ideas for your 2024 Bucket List

Are you an adventure seeker who craves the thrill of being alive? if you want to spice up your year, we are here for you. we prepared an all thumbs up expert based bucket list for your year.

Understanding Empathy: A guide to leveraging empathy for the good of self and others

Empathy is a hotly discussed topic both in society and business, yet many are unaware of what empathy really is, where does it originate from, how much empathy do we have, and can empathy be learnt or cultivated. What does it mean to be empathetic in the workplace, how does it all affect the individual and the group, how does compassion relate to empathy, and what does recent research tell us about it. In this article, we cover the answers to all these questions. We also provide research-backed solutions and strategies on how to increase your empathy capital, bank on it, sustain it, make it positively impactive for the community and workplace, and leverage it for self-progression without compromising time, energy, or running into burnouts or bias decision making.

You’ve been Zuckerberged! The Twitter versus Threads Digest

In the English language, to be zuckerberged is to steal an idea from someone but change it just enough that you can claim it as yours. This terminology came to be after the creation of facebook and the claims against Mark Zuckerberg on the originality of the idea. The social media tycoon surely knows how to execute an idea, no matter how it came about. However, when it comes to threatening another established giant like twitter, this might no longer be acceptable, at least ethically.

Long Live the King

Long Live the King! A sentence we didn’t hear in the United Kingdom in over 70 years! Today, the 6th of May 2023 marks the coronation of King Charles III, the new king succeeding his mother Queen Elizabeth II, the longest reigning monarch of the country, and what once was an empire. The coronation is nothing […]

The Stop Loss Line

Have you ever lost so much that you thought if only I had stopped earlier? Well, we all did. It is part of life to go to deep into something that will eventually turn out to be the wrong choice. But it does not have to be this way. There is a trick I learnt from a business concept called “the stop loss line” that traders in the financial business use to manage their exposure to financial risk and limit their potential losses. In this article we discuss how this can be implemented in everyday life to save you from losing on any aspect of your life from relationships to career, to body weight.

The Myth of Gender Equality

Is gender equality the right thing for women? is it enough or should we be asking for more? Read to find out our insights into the topic.